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Provide your customers with a winning combination – your service and expertise with Zinger Stick solutions.

The benefits of becoming an Zinger Stick Partner

  • Improve the quality of your, and your clients’, products with our world-leading simulation software.

  • Expand market visibility by aligning your software products with our platforms and solutions.

  • Build upon your industry knowledge.

  • Expand your value-added offerings and develop new revenue opportunities.

  • Maximise your success and revenues.

What you will receive in return

  • Full sales, marketing and technical support, including Zinger Stick experts on site.

  • Comprehensive training and resources, Zoom sessions, access to Zinger Stick marketing resource , sales and marketing collateral.

  • Attractive rates of commission for resellers.

  • Access to unique networking events.

  • Opportunities to foster future collaboration with other Zinger Stick Partners.

There has never been a better time to become an Zinger Stick Partner

By working closely with Zinger Stick Partners across the globe, we’ve developed a unique program that puts them at the heart of our business and recognizes the vital role they play. We are going further than ever to ensure they get what they need most.

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