Document Management System (DMS)

What is Document Management System (DMS)?

Utilization of a computer system and software to store, manage and monitor any document, information and visual material created by organizations is called Document Management System. Document and content capturing includes the processes necessary to monitor, store and control the documents. We can list the basic features of Document Management System software, provided by us to its customers, as follows:

  • You can coordinate multiple users to edit a document at the same time and prevent overwriting of a document with check-in/check-out function.
  • You can see the progress of a document and its differences with version control.
  • Audit trail function enable you to view who has used and accessed a document since it was created.
  • You can use filing system to store and archive the documents and manage these archives.

The main objective of all organizations is to facilitate their business processes and to increase productivity regardless of their sizes and industries. Our eBA document management and archive management software ensures to reach the correct document among millions of documents in seconds, automates boring and time consuming manual processes, such as filing and approving and ensures that any document and information created through these processes are produced or processed electronically. You can even access these documents and processes by your mobile devices even you are not on your desk. You can ensure that all your corporate documents are stored and backed up in a central location for extraordinary situations.

A recent survey by PwC shows that employees spend 40% of their time in average to manage documents that are not actually necessary. IDC states that employees spend 20% of their time to find information within printed documents and 50% of them cannot find the documents they need.

With our Document Management System solution, you can immediately respond to the requests of internal and external customers, auditors and suppliers and increase customer satisfaction. You can accelerate and take document distribution and copying operations under control. You can also prevent document losses. With our Document Management System software, you can ensure that your employees focus their time on the works that they do best instead of spending to find the documents.

You can create faster and more effective solutions with our document management system software for document based processes, such as invoice management, contract management, employee recruitment and dismissal, etc. You can also prevent the documents to manage you thanks to our Workflow Management System solution. Because these documents are either inputs or outputs of your business processes.

You can simultaneously notify your employees affected from changes in the documents and ensure that your processes run according to your latest arrangements and your employees access the latest version of your documents.

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