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BEAM Enterprise Asset Management solution covers all processes from entering a fixture to the enterprise’s inventory to the time it was scrapped. It also identifies the malfunction reasons of your machines and provides decision supporting information to your management about economic life of your machine by comparing its purchasing price with the cost of materials and workforce spent for the machine in any currency.

You can monthly track budget, maintenance cost, maintenance duration, no. of maintenances, no. of shutdowns, shutdown durations, MTBF and MTTR at the asset, location and cost center level.

We can list Enterprise Asset Management processes as follows:

  1. Warranty Tracking and Contract Management
  2. Management of Assets Debited to the Staff
  3. Spare Parts and Consumables Tracking
  4. Tracking of Maintenance Agreements and Supplier Management
  5. Periodical | Preventive Maintenance Tracking
  6. Problem Maintenance Tracking
  7. Management of Purchasing Processes
  • Purchasing Requisition Notification
  • Processes for Requesting Bids from Companies
  • Bid Assessment
  • Placing Orders to Selected Company
  • Entering the Deliveries and Receipts
  • Quality Controls of Received Products
  • Material Warehouse Entries
  • Supplier Evaluation Survey

8.Tracking of Meter and Panel Based Electricity Consumption

What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) can be defined as the management of all processes, starting from registration of a fixture to the company’s inventory until it is scrapped.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software: BEAM

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  • You can reduce the costs of technical operations, maintenance and repairs.

  • You can increase utilization productivity of your assets.

  • You can provide fast and correct reports and decision support information.

  • You can contribute to the improvement and productivity of your working environments.

  • You can contribute to corporate structure of your company.

  • You can manage your facility’s assets properly and efficiently.

  • You can manage your subcontractors properly and efficiently.

What is Autonomous Maintenance?

TPM, i.e. Total Productive Maintenance or Autonomous Maintenance software ensure that staff own their machines and, finally, each staff gain the qualifications of a maintenance staff. In order to achieve these targets, with our BEAM Autonomous Maintenance Management software solution:

  • You can determine the departments, at where most of the Error Cards are hung.
  • You can provide pinpoint trainings to staff with Single Point Courses.
  • You can continuously improve with Before-After (B/A) Kaizen works.
  • You can improve large scaled operations with Kobetsu-Kaizen processes.
  • You can increase the motivation of your staff with Rewarding (Recognition) system.

Maintenance Management

We can define maintenance and repair as the activities performed to keep all assets of your organization at the highest functional level. Your assets might be a line, machine, equipment, building, vehicle, fixture or information system equipment. You can manage all maintenance and repairing activities, such as mechanical and electrical works, automation, construction, information processing, etc. of your industrial and enterprise assets with BEAM.

Some of these activities are:

  • Problem Maintenance
  • Periodical Maintenance
  • Predictive Maintenance

Material and Resource Management

Material Management is our module to use all materials and spare parts that you need for asset management.

Resource Management is our module that we use to plan and measure the performances of all staff and subcontractor works that are needed for asset management and to evaluate the suppliers.

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