Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

What is an ERP system?

An ERP software stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. In a bookkeeper. ERP programming. Integrating all types of data. ERP software hit the market in the late 80s. Market in the early 1990s Each platform was designed and used.

The problems of the management. It has been a long-term experience in scheduling, ordering, scheduling and scheduling. These little issues and problems. But this problem was easily solved by ERP, although it was complex and very expensive. Then also installed ERP software in their respective company. ERP software was giving high returns. After hitting the market ERP system.

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Efficient and effective processes with canias4.0

canias4.0 is a comprehensive software technology with various solutions for companies which are on their digitalization process or which are aiming to improve their productivity and efficiency.

As technology evolves, companies are expected to manage their resources more efficiently in order to be competitive and sustainable in their markets. Do you feel that you need too many tools to manage your digital transformation? canias4.0 offers a complete solution in every aspect of your business process. ERP, IoT, BI, development tools, database and cloud solutions are the core topics of canias4.0.

In the technology age we are in, you no longer need standard offers, but individually configurable products with flexibility and efficiency. Regardless of the industry, canias4.0’s solutions with their flexible and adaptable structure are adaptable for each specific industry. For industries like packaging, automotive, mining, defense, etc. canias4.0 can offer complete solutions in one package.

All these solutions have their own functionalities with unique advantages but with canias4.0, we offer a complete and more efficient solution option which includes all in one without any missing part in your production, organization and management process.

However, Enterprise Resources Planning is not a plug-play solution. Therefore, the solution is not only to decide investing in ERP or not but it’s also about deciding who will implement it as well. It requires you to make a serious assessment on ERP implementation team’s skill, knowledge, expertise, and industry experience.

Our service for you: A project team of experts, analysis of your processes and requirements, detailed planning of the adaption, implementation, project completion where we ensure that the implemented solution meets your requirements and continuous support including trainings, upload patches, updates, regulation amendments, and of course, new version upgrades.

Aiming to develop the competencies of individuals in line with personal and corporate needs, our trainings contribute to active use of canias4.0 modules, increase ERP software usage efficiency, software benefit, and turn these into operational efficiency and business excellence.

We’re providing canias4.0 module trainings to anyone who manages and plans to manage business processes with canias4.0 and we’re offering online webinars from the topics corporate resource planning, digital transformation, industry 4.0, big data and business intelligence.

TROIA, an open, object-oriented, and integrated development environment, has a fully integrated structure for the canias ERP platform.

Our development environment brings new standards to the speed and flexibility of adaptation and reprogramming and it is delivered with standard software to all customers who have maintenance contracts. We provide you with direct access to the source code of our solution. Thanks to the object-oriented transfer method, special enhancements which are carried out by your individual needs can be used without affecting the version transition. This way, you can continue to develop the application to your specific needs without having to make any changes to the standard source code.

You can make customizations in the TROIA environment yourself. In this respect, the costs associated with specific adaptations are reduced considerably and the need for all programming work in the software to be realized by third-party service providers ceases.

Automate your processes now with canias4.0

Revise and optimize your business processes, reduce your time and effort with our cross-functional solution. Hardware independence, easy implementation combined with low IT infrastructure costs. That is canias4.0.

  • Platform independence

  • Multiplatform capability

  • Access to source code

  • (Customizable) Standard ERP

  • Open system architecture

  • User-friendly, ergonomic interface

  • Support of Open Source system software

  • Multi-client, multi-language and web capability

  • Integrated, object-oriented development environment

  • Complete integration

canias4.0 is a fully integrated and flexible ERP software for companies of all sizes. Software offers solutions that include planning, procurement, material management and production as well as sales, CRM, finance, project and document management, corporate agenda and many different processes. In terms of the needs of the company, Enterprise Resources Planning system can be used in both standard and customized forms. With its open-source software development infrastructure, which allows for unlimited flexibility, ERP software enables companies to optimize their business processes and protect their competitive structures.

Benefits of using canias4.0 software

General Overview

%100 Web-Based

The ERP application has its own runtime environment for its TROIA programming language, based on top of Java runtime environment. Thus, in case of an eventual change, it is sufficient to adapt only the intervening interpreter to the runtime environment, rather than changing the entire source code.

Platform Independent

The software runs on all common system environments and is also multi-platform capable. This way operating systems can be chosen according to business needs and cost considerations (e.g. MySQL and Linux). This makes the client independent from third-parties and ensures a high level of investment protection.

Strong Infrastructure

Limitless flexibility in the layout and composition of processes is attributable to the selling point of the open, object-oriented system architecture. This allows not only task management over corporate boundaries, also a comfortable integration with third-party systems and a cross-system data exchange.

Open Source

The unique technology, architecture and development environment of TROIA gives clients direct access to the application’s source code. This gives companies high flexibility with the ability to efficiently adjust and further develop their current solution at any time.


TROIA is an open, object-oriented and integrated development environment (IDE) who sets standards in flexibility and speed for adjustments and reprogramming. Fully integrated into the ERP platform, TROIA ensures fast application development.

Database Independent

The software runs on all common system environments and is also multi-database capable. This way allows that data banks can be chosen according to business needs and cost considerations as per on-premise use.(including MySQL, Oracle, IBM, Ms SQL Server)

High Efficiency

Best performance thanks to three-level architecture

Connection map of comprehensive selection of modules

Meet Your Requirements


All ERP Solutions

We produce proprietary software solutions for every scale of operation.

Basic System

Basic System is automatically included and makes use of basic core data and system administration tools and check tables, development tools and workflows.

Product Development

This area manages the bill of materials and allows for their easy creation or modification at any time as well as pricing and accounting.

Sales Management

All sales processes from job development offer to invoicing can be illustrated. A full-grown CRM system with identification and administration.

Material Management

It provides reliable information about necessary materials and manages inventory taking into account time and monetary aspects.

Cost  Management

Cost modules are the costs of the materials determination and accounting to be transferred to the calculations.

Human Resources Management

Human Capital Management module supports companies in structuring and centrally managing human resource management processes.

Project Management

Project Management (PRJ) module ensures integrated cost and resource planning as well as comprehensive planning and scheduling of projects.

Production Management

This flexible and transparent system supports series, variant and single manufacturing services and custom production.

Purchase Management

This system optimizes and supports supplier relations worldwide, automates the procurement of materials and contracts.

Finance Management

The integrated financial system displays the financial and asset accounting subdivisions and assures consistent.

Collaboration Management

Collaborator module allows the exchange emails in and out of the company and sending of emails from all applications.

Business & Strategic Planning

Online Analytic Processing and Business Intelligence (OLAP/BI) module ensures that data necessary for decisions.

Tailor-made solutions for all industries

With canias4.0, we offer software solutions that are independent of industrial sectors and can fully adapt to any company structure. Thanks to the 32 years we have left behind and the experience we have gained from more than 1000 existing customers, we are improving our solutions day by day, expanding our operating capacity, and offering all the software solutions you need for an efficient and fast digital transformation.

canias4.0 has a compatible structure for all sectors such as textile, furniture, automotive, metal, mining, service, packaging, printing, defense, construction, retail etc. We are always working to offer you the most suitable solution with our expert staff. We offer solutions to all technology needs regardless of the sector, with our open source development platform TROIA, our ERP solution caniasERP, our business intelligence application caniasIQ, our IoT solution and database system iasDB.

Our solutions, which are fully integrated and flexible for companies of all sizes, can be used for all processes such as sales, customer relations, finance, project and document management, corporate development map, as well as all processes in planning, procurement, material management and production. canias4.0 technologies, which can meet all the needs of your company with its standard version, can also be easily shaped according to your special needs. You can easily optimize your business processes in all areas of digitalization and stay one step ahead of your competitors in your industry. Our experienced consultants and sales representatives will always be ready to accompany you on your digital transformation journey.

  • Material traceability, tracking and control
  • Using efficient variant configurators
  • Customer-specific inventory tracking by order
  • Decrease in intermediate stocks and waiting times with effective capacity planning
  • Operational quality control at every stage
  • Real unit cost tracking by order
  • Effective consignment tracking and control
  • Detailed sample tracking and control
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • Detailed sample tracking and control
  • Simple features with user guide tools

With canias4.0 technology, you can manage your production in the most efficient way, no matter how intense or complex your processes are. IoT, IQ, iasDB and TROIA solutions offered by canias4.0 technology ensure your company to operate in a fully integrated manner and provide you speed and efficiency.

  • Lower hardware investment,
  • Higher operational capacity,
  • Less idle time for your resources by capturing the whole operation from one screen,
  • Easier development process with open-source platform TROIA,
  • Less time-wasting for approval and decline process,
  • More consistent planning for the future,


We offer ready to use industry solutions combining the know-how gained from over 1000 ERP projects in 30 years.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a standard system or customized application, you will find your solution in our ERP. As stated above innovative software infrastructure gives the advantage of offering customers individual software concept.

Therefore,the software can be offered in the form of a customizable standard enterprise resources planning as well as an individual development platform. In the first version, Zinger Stick is your solution and consulting partner. We help you to identify and implement the optimal approach and advise you in concern of your ERP project on all issues. In the second version, we primarily assume the role of a development partner. In other words, in addition to the basic implementation of the project, we support you in the adaptation of ERP to your individual requirements and the company specific development of the solution.

Enterprise Resources Planning guarantees maximum creative freedom, as our customers have direct access to TROIA, the source code of the application.


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