Information Technologies Service Management System

What is ITIL?
ITIL is a library that is created by combining the best practices and experiences. Since a visible improvement is achieved in information technologies services of companies that have implemented ITIL, it has become no longer a library but an information technologies management methodology. You can implement ITIL methodology to your enterprise too with Information Technologies Service Management System software solution. You can improve the your service quality, increase your accessibility and control your costs by correctly planning your capacity by using SLA and KPI management modules of our ITSM software solution.

We can list the objectives and benefits of ITIL as follows:

To reduce costs through correct finance management;
To manage accessibility and capacity by monitoring;
To monitor performance more effectively through KPIs;
To ensure customer satisfaction.

ITIL Processes
We can list the processes that must be operated in each information technology organization as follows:

  • Incident Management, Helpdesk & Ticketing System
  • Request Fulfillment Management
  • Change Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Service Catalogue Management
  • SLA Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management

What is IT Management?

IT Service Management Processes

Document, Workflow & Content




Asset & Inventory


Process & Performance


0+ Projects
1M+ User
0+ Projects
5000+ Module
3M+ Asset
0+ Projects
50K+ Process

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