Integrated Management System (QMS | IMS)

What is Quality | Integrated Management System (QMS | IMS)?

Quality | Integrated Management System is a necessary management manifest to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability, productivity and satisfaction of all stakeholders with its customer focused and continuous development philosophy. Standards for Quality, Environment and Occupational Health are gathered under “integrated” title as a result of management or implementation of multiple management systems simultaneously or associated with each other. It can be applied to any organization at any size and industry from public to private sector. Quality | Integrated Management System provides the advantages of effective competition, uninterrupted customer satisfaction, creation of customer trust, reduction of errors, increasing the profitability, controlling the costs, minimizing the losses, continuous improvement, increased efficiency and employee motivation and strengthening of communication to organizations regardless of their size.

Quality | Integrated Management System Software

QDMS Integrated Management System ensures the automation of activities required by management system standards of organizations. It will always be with you as your closest colleague during your journey to Total Quality. It makes your processes that must be automated under management systems available for you in the form of a modular structure.

What are Quality Systems?

Our QDMS Quality Management System creates the documentation infrastructure required by any management system standard (ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 16949, ISO 17025, ISO 27001, etc.) and ensures that all associated activities are carried and tracked.

Controlled Document

With Controlled Document module of Integrated Management System Solution, you can ensure that documentation structure, an expectation of management systems, is created, all revisions to be made in these documents are kept in the system in the form of a version logic, users can access these documents based on their authorizations and relevant persons are informed about any change in the documents (based on distribution matrix). Existing documents can be transferred individually or in bulk to the system by using exportation function of our system. Documents can be prepared and updated electronically in Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, PDF or other formats, which the users are familiar with. Requests for adding, revising and cancelling the documents can be tracked through the system and these documents are stored as drafts and they are not made available for other users until all approvals are obtained. It is possible to retrieve reports in many different areas, such as the status of document in the system, summary lists of documents, whether the persons that received the document have read them or not. Our application is completely parametric and users can add and edit new document groups easily without being dependent on the vendor. When more than one language is used and documents are prepared in various languages, the persons that will view approve these documents view the documents in the language they speak. If requested, Word and Excel documents can be converted to and opened as PDF.

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