Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

A new experience in inventory, sales, and accounting operations

Developed by combining the technological know-how and innovative capability of Logo, Logo GO 3 enables SMEs to manage their business processes, from orders to accounting, from a single point. Logo GO 3, a complete solution, offers even easier and more efficient applications with its renewed interface in line with user comments. Logo GO 3 offers a unique experience for your business processes with its aesthetic design and structure suitable for integration.

All business processes, from stock and ordering, to accounting records and bank data are effectively managed from a single point via Logo GO 3, which is developed specifically for SMEs.

  • End-to-end management

Logo GO 3 enables SMEs to manage all their business processes including accounting, orders, stock tracking, sales, purchasing, reporting, debt follow-up, check and bond follow-up, and e-State applications from a single point. SMEs achieve time and cost savings, and get one step ahead of the competition with Logo GO 3, which is also supported by a customizable, fast, simple and practical interface.

  • Customized solutions based on requirements

Designed according to the general requirements of SMEs, Logo GO 3 can also be enriched with additional features to meet the specific requirements of enterprises. This allows all SMEs to be able to create the most appropriate Logo GO 3 package for themselves.

SMEs are one step ahead in every business process with Logo GO 3!

To manage processes effectively and to gain a competitive advantage, small and medium-sized businesses need more than just accounting solutions. Logo GO 3 supports SMEs by making it possible to manage all business processes from a single point. While providing easy access to all required information with its renewed interface according to user feedback, Logo GO 3 helps users save time and increases productivity. Whatever sector you work in, you are always one step ahead of the competition with Logo GO 3 SME solution, which provides more effective control and superior efficiency in your business processes!

With its industry-independent structure developed specifically for SMEs, Logo GO 3 fully meets the requirements of companies in many industries ranging from distribution and construction to education and textiles, and from media to healthcare.

Many transactions in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Reporting can easily be performed from a single point in Logo GO 3. This provides time and cost savings.

All records can be safely managed, thanks to the up-to-date structure of Logo GO 3 which is fully compatible with legislation. In addition, the DFP-DFS forms which are required to be submitted at the beginning of each month, are prepared electronically, and transactions are quickly completed with the e-Declaration feature during taxation periods.

Every business may have specific requirements of its own. Logo GO 3 can be enhanced with applications (apps) and widgets developed by Logo Business Partners. Therefore, a function cluster with exactly the required features can be created.

Developed with new-generation technologies based on intuitive and ease of use, the aesthetic desktop design of Logo GO 3, which is easy on the eyes, enables you to easily and quickly access all the information you need with its customization features. Logo GO 3’s user-friendly interface allows data to be quickly and easily entered, and reports and applications to be easily accessed.

One of the most important features of Logo GO 3 is its ease of use… Processing times are reduced by the addition of the most frequently used functions as shortcuts on the personal desktop. This means time savings for employees and efficiency improvements for SMEs.

Different solutions of Logo can be seamlessly integrated with Logo GO 3. Data from Logo GO 3 can be analyzed in detail and converted into reports by being processed in the business analytics solution, Logo Mind Insight. Workflow processes of SMEs are seamlessly managed with Logo Flow, while customer processes of sales-marketing units or technical teams, such as appointments, meetings, offers and sales can be followed through Logo CRM in integration with Logo GO 3. Integrated with Logo GO 3, Logo Payroll Plus fully meets the registry and wage management requirements.

Continuously updated according to new technologies, Logo GO 3 is compatible with the Microsoft Windows 10 and 11 operating system.

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