Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

Designed specifically to meet the needs of large enterprises, holdings, and industrial businesses with complicated manufacturing and detailed planning processes, the web-based Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise offers comprehensive solutions with rich business functions and a structure that is open to further development.

  • Uninterrupted access over the web

Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise allows accessing of the system anywhere, anytime. With a structure that can be used with mobile devices as well, this solution allows uninterrupted management and control of complicated processes. Thanks to instant access to data, business processes become more efficient and cost and time savings are achieved.

  • Rich function cluster

Logo Netsis Tiger Enterprise covers all business processes including manufacturing processes, from resource management to material requirements planning, and from cost accounting to foreign trade, and can be enriched with additional functions when needed.

  • The right decisions with up-to-date data 

Thanks to the transfer of up-to-date data generated between business units, all business processes are run with reliable data. This makes management more efficient throughout the business. When there is an information entry created into the system, all departments are able to directly access current information within their authority. Simultaneous communication between users saves time and lowers the level of unnecessary communication.

  • Central control of all processes

Thanks to time and space-independent Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, all operations, from the stock control and supply of raw materials required for manufacturing to sales and after-sales services can be controlled anytime, anywhere. This contributes to the sustainable performance of the business. Thanks to single-pointed access, users can have simultaneous communication among themselves, saving time and lowering the level of unnecessary communication.

With a design that offers a high ease of use, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise allows a single-pointed display of all functions. Its desktop can be easily personalized with the drag & drop feature, and external links can be added. Features such as background customizations, single-point display of all functions, and functional search button add to the comfort offered by the solution.

Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, which offers optimization by allowing control of production processes anytime and anywhere, facilitates phase-based management, monitoring, and reporting. With its production planning methods, it calculates material requirements prior to production, and effectively distributes the workload by managing the efficiency of machinery, thereby ensuring timely delivery of orders. Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise allows adding of quality control results to materials and operations, improving production processes and minimizing errors.

All businesses that engage in production have different needs depending on their line of business. Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, designed with this diversity in mind, can be further enhanced with the apps and widgets that are developed by Logo and the Logo Solution Partners. Therefore, a function cluster with exactly the required features can be created.

Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise can be used not only in domestic operations, but also in transactions involving companies based overseas, as well as group companies or subsidiaries. With its flexible foreign currency system and reporting structure, it offers strong financial control globally. The Foreign Trade Screen of Logo Tiger Wings enables import and export operations to be performed more effectively, more efficiently and in compliance with the legal obligations. With Logo Tiger Wings, all liabilities can be monitored in compatibility and integration with other processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.

Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise allows the designing of a business financial structure based on up-to-date and accurate data, and offers the ability to access current profitability analyses, as well as a flexibility that responds to all sorts of needs with payment and collection plan definitions. It can perform risk monitoring and issue electronic warnings within the framework of set limits and rules; and prepare and electronically submit Ba-Bs reconciliations with a single click.

Customer satisfaction is achieved with Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise through effective management of the entire process from the order stage to deliveries. The entire process from the creation of the required paperwork, to a timely delivery can be managed in an integrated manner.

Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise provides central control in the procurement of raw materials required for production, and automates the cycle of evaluating and comparing offers from suppliers and making purchasing decisions. The solution also improves the quality and reliability of the process of supplier selection and standardizes approval mechanisms and processes of paper flow, generating significant time and cost savings.

The Stock Control screen of Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise makes it possible to create and monitor stock targets and strategies, control stock costs, and monitor stock values and levels in real time. Products can be easily tracked thanks to material classification and leveled hierarchy designed for businesses working with various product ranges. The same type of materials can be monitored based on different criteria, and a change that concerns thousands of materials can be updated by changing only a single definition with its matrix interface. While materials can be tracked with an unlimited number of units, thanks to the feature of monitoring with different units, reporting can be performed through a single unit with the conversion coefficients feature.

With the feature of a two-way operational control of transactions and accounting records, Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise provides system consistency and minimizes user error. The financial and tax reporting for a specified period as per the Trade Code can be done directly via the system, in line with the Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS). Financial tables and reports in the general accounting transactions, using the local currency and reporting currency, respond to all your needs in this field, whereas expense centers and project cards can be used for management-related reporting. The e-Tax Return options of Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, on the other hand, allows automatic submission of the prepared tax returns to the Revenue Administration.

With the Fixed Asset Tracking Screen of Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, processes such as purchasing, debiting to personnel, and disposing of fixed assets can be easily tracked. With multiple amortization schedules support, amortization can be calculated in local currency according to the Tax Procedure Law, in reporting currency according to international reporting, and in local currency according to the TFRS, and transferred to accounting through separate accounts.

Company groups and holdings can also use Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise ERP to manage processes in each company on a consolidated or independent basis. Thanks to this ability, offered via the Finance Management screen, group-level profitability can be calculated, inventory can be viewed as a whole, and cashflow can be analyzed for every company.

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