Learning Management System (E-Learning)

Zinger Stick LMS is a leader in the e-learning industry because its learning management software system is flexible, validated, adaptable and customizable – and so easy to use it can be up and running in a matter of minutes with no special training. Zinger Stick e-learning also has an extensive library of over 850 ready-to-go training courses which you can easily deploy to your team. Many of our LMS software customers greatly benefit from our free professional training services to help them make sense of the confusing and expensive training and e-learning landscape.

Employees must be engaged to be most effective and productive. Using a customizable e-learning system that provides relevant employee training will better engage staff, with the potential to increase productivity and revenue. It’s been estimated that nearly 25% of all employees leave their job because there simply aren’t enough training or learning opportunities.

Zinger Stick e-learning is a web-based e-learning solution with a simple and intuitive user interface, allowing both technical and non-technical training managers to create, manage and track interactive training courses and learning programs for all levels of users. Zinger Stick e-learning’s training tracking software can also be used to register and track classroom training or instructor-led training.

Designed to fit any organization, big or small, Zinger Stick e-learning has the sophistication favored by big companies – with a price that fits the budget of smaller organizations.

Zinger Stick delivers personalized learning and training to thousands of employees at hundreds of organizations worldwide. Whether you are a global enterprise or local operation, leverage the power, simplicity and scalability of Zinger Stick Learning Management System to provide a seamless self-service, on-demand e-learning solution. So what is the “Strategic Value of Workplace Training and Development”?

Most User-Friendly Learning Management System For Trainees and Students

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High Quality Business Training Courses For Everyone

Quickly access thousands of video training courses or training course packages with a customized library of topics ranging from health, safety, HR compliance, communication skills, PC skills, leadership, customer service, team building, management, and supervision.


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