The recommended Instagram tracker is a factor that varies from profile to profile. As the Zinger Stick team, we recommend all our packages. However, you may need to set this amount to the size of your profile. A few details can be considered when determining this amount. One of these; According to a survey conducted in 2016, accounts with an Instagram of more than 5000 accounts can create a sense of confidence on people indirectly. In this context, if you have a sales page and more than 5000 Instagram followers, you can create a reliability image on people. Another detail is; Instagram is the ratio of the liqueurs / interactions in your photos to the number of followers. If you have a lot of followers but the number of interactions is very small, this may seem artificial. Therefore, you may need to interact with your photos.Check out our packages here . Instead of interacting with existing photos, you can take have a look related packages to get an automatic interaction with the photos you will share in the future.