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Your expectation from your management systems investment is to streamline your business operations and a real-time view of your company anytime and anywhere with easy-to-use functionality.

However, management systems are not a plug-play solution. Therefore, deciding on your management systems investment, not only the solution but also who’s going to implement it is as important as the software itself. It requires you to make a serious assessment on management systems implementation team’s skill, knowledge, expertise, and industry experience.

Our approach to management systems implementation project management is fast, practical and result driven as well as cost-effective.

The priority is getting management systems up and running quickly, with a minimum customization so that your people can take full ownership of the system.

We apply well established, globally accepted implementation methodologies to ensure that your management systems implementation project is sound, foreseeable and straightforward.

We provide a full cycle consulting services including project management, implementation, training, process improvement, and software customization.

Zinger Stick offers distinguished staff, dynamic structure, international experience, knowledge gained from large-scale projects and strong consultancy and superior education services with its own high technology.

Zinger Stick strictly carries out the projects it devises and attaches great importance to the preliminary work required for it to ensure that the product offered by Zinger Stick fully complies with the organic structure of its customers and to ensure unconditional customer happiness. For this purpose, the project organization, preliminary study and execution phases must be completed before the transition to the active system.

Project Implementation Stages
  • Project Organization: Determination of project objectives and targets, project management, project control plan, cost plan
  • Preliminary Study: Determination of current situation, determination of needs and requests, determination of satisfaction ratio of requests, analysis of weak points in business, preparation of solution report
  • Execution: Identification of priorities, detection of transfers from the old system, drafting for modifications,
  • Determination of data and workflows, detailed work for modifications
  • Transition to Productive System: Programming of interface and modifications, training of users, simulation of production conditions, data entry into the system, analysis of system suitability, system optimization
Working System
Zinger Stick first sets up an introductory meeting after the first contact with the customer is established. To get information about the company of this meeting, to carry out preliminary activities for further work and to introduce the services offered to the customers.
The next stage is a promotional activity to be carried out again at the request of the client firm. During this promotion, which is made specifically for the company, care is taken to ensure that the customer’s specific problems are also met. As a result of this meeting, a proposal can be presented to the client firm, or a “System Analysis” study as the basis of a possible project. The goal of the system analysis is to determine the organic structure of the company,
  • organizational structure
  • workflows
  • job descriptions
  • computing infrastructure
  • human-derived profile
  • internal and external data document flow
  • internal and external material flow
  • production technology
to examine the existing system in terms of optimization of processes and to document the work carried out. As a result of the system analysis, the answer to the question of the requirements of the company is met. Unfamiliar functions can be improved in accordance with the customer’s request.

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