Companies are deciding about their future while choosing a right ERP system. All the businesses should take care of some critical points before they choose ERP.

  • The first thing to do is to correctly identify the business’s needs and areas of improvement, and make a decision accordingly.
  • Giving priority to a modular ERP solution that not only meets current needs, but is also flexible enough to meet future needs.
  • Choosing a brand that knows the local market well, and offers features such as application continuity, guaranteed support, and compliance with local conditions and current legislation in order to obtain the maximum efficiency from ERP system

Logo Wings and Logo Wings Enterprise ERP portfolio offers the options of built-in or web-based use, and comprehensive solutions can be selected and customized on the basis of individual business needs.

These points are significant and the company should consider when choosing ERP software. When deciding which ERP package to buy, the company should consider the company’s characteristics and determine its current and future needs in the best way. Production structure, firm scale, compatibility with the industry; are some of the very important elements for the correct ERP implementation.

All the companies to keep up with the intense competition environment and to produce the closest solutions to their goals as a company is to choose the right software technologies.

During the ERP selection, the criteria in the installation process should also be well evaluated. At this stage, the suitability of the ERP software you will have with the business should be discussed, how long the installation process will be completed, etc. factors should be taken into account when making a decision. The training and consultancy services to be received afterward should be examined in detail. The fact that the ERP system is easy to learn, has the infrastructure to meet the needs of the company to a large extent, can process the data in the most accurate way and give consistent reports/results; These are some criteria that should not be ignored while choosing the software.

Failure to make the right choice of software and the unsuccessful ERP application that this will bring causes the company to lose cost, time and productivity. Here, the failure situation depends on the project team in the software company and the project team of the company that purchased the ERP software. The company that buys the software should definitely establish a project team. While ERP should be the first job of the Project Manager in the team, it should be the first job of the other people in the project team if possible.

In addition, Logo Wings and Logo Wings Enterprise ERP portfolio contains different solutions designed for different needs. Firms of all sizes, from micro businesses to large corporations, can improve their business processes with Logo ERP and increase efficiency.