Have access to HR processes from anywhere at any time thanks to Logo j-HR’s web-based structure, this new-generation HR management solution provides the opportunity to work independently of time and place, offering flexibility and speed for HR teams and managers.

A new-generation approach to human resources management: Logo j-HR

Logo j-HR comes in a structure which is in full compliance with legislation, open to integration and flexible to adapt to changing conditions, as a new-generation solution for a new generation of human resources.

Thanks to its web-based structure, Logo’s new generation HR management solution Logo j-HR is the choice for HR managers who need to access HR processes at any time, from any place. Allowing users to work independent of time and place, Logo j-HR offers HR teams and managers the flexibility and speed they need. With the features such as special approval mechanisms, integration with Logo-branded or independent solutions and full compliance with legislation, Logo j-HR becomes the new-generation HR management tool!

Control every corner of your business

The secret to correctly and effectively managing human resources is to know and manage the structure of your organization well. Fully aware of this requirement, Logo j-HR enables human resources throughout the company to be defined and managed end-to-end with its comprehensive Organization Management.

The organizational charts of the company can easily be shaped with use of the drag-and-drop feature. This chart can be structured vertically or horizontally as required. All changes made during these works can be undone when required.

On the other hand, the history of all changes made using the drag-and-drop feature can be tracked on personnel cards. This allows for the continuous control and accuracy of the organizational chart.

Positions can be transferred between sub-departmental organizational charts. So, when there are position changes or additional duties, you won’t need to recreate the organizational chart. In the same way, a personnel record can be assigned to multiple positions on the chart.

Changes which occur in the organization can also be effortlessly managed through this module. For example, sub-positions and new assignments based on departments can be added using the organizational chart. So the chart always stays up-to-date. Employees in equivalent positions can be positioned at certain levels using the organizational chart. It is very easy to open empty positions and display or hide them on this chart, when required.

All HR phases, which start with recruitment, continue with payroll processes, and result in performance evaluation and career management processes, can be managed end-to-end with Logo j-HR. In addition, payroll transactions can be carried out on the same system.

All information can be accessed from anywhere with internet access, regardless of time and place, thanks to the web-based structure of Logo j-HR.

Thanks to its multi-language support, Logo j-HR can easily be used by multinational companies.

The integration of Logo j-HR with Logo j-Platform ERP enables HR processes, as well as the ERP system to be managed through a single platform.

With its comprehensive organization management module, Logo j-HR enables human resources throughout the company to be defined and managed end-to-end. The organizational charts of the company can easily be shaped with the drag-and-drop feature that facilitates the use of the module.

The payroll processes of businesses are also managed through Logo j-HR, reducing the workload of the human resources teams significantly, while also reducing human-based errors in payroll transactions. All personnel files and information for existing and former employees, as well as leaves can also be effectively tracked via Logo j-HR.

The Time Management module offered with Logo j-HR enables any data, from employee leave dates and reports, to overtimes and activity logs, to be managed from a single point. Thanks to the integration of the Time Management module with the Employee Portal, employees can also monitor their leave status on an up-to-date basis on the portal. Therefore, HR departments can devote the time it spends on responding to leave enquiries on other value-added jobs.

In the compensation practices of Logo j-HR, score cards are recognized in the system and the relevant accounting receipts are created. In addition, all transactions related to the creation of company-specific parameters, management of additional payments and deductions, debit-credit transfers, transfer of leave, and transfer of working hours can be performed through this module. Monthly mandatory declarations sent to the SSI and the Pension Fund for employees can also be regularly shared with official institutions in the format they require.

All records of the personnel in relation to debt-receivable transactions can be created and followed up on with Logo j-HR. The type and nature of the transaction, through which the payments will be made for each created transaction record, is identified in the system. Thanks to the integration with the Employee Portal, the records of receivables such as allowances and expenses can be entered into the system by personnel.

HR departments can easily calculate the wage and payroll costs required to create the budgets for new terms with the Logo j-HR Wage Scenarios module. Recruitment and termination costs can also be reflected in these scenarios.

Storing and archiving employee suggestions, complaints, and feedback as well as the responses provided to them, Logo j-HR enables employees to share this information directly with the HR team, thanks to the integration of the Suggestion-Feedback module with the Employee Portal. This allows important steps to be taken for the company’s development and employee satisfaction.

Planning and implementation processes for training become automated and significant time savings are achieved, thanks to the Logo j-HR Training Management module. The entire training process can be reported end-to-end, by generating reports for Training Requests, Requirements, Evaluation and Training Exam Surveys.

Enabling the recruitment process to be carried out in the most efficient manner, the Logo j-HR Recruitment Management module provides solutions that facilitate the recruitment of internal and external personnel and the related decision-making processes. The recruitment process can be analyzed and reported by generating the reports for Application Cards, List of Personnel Requests and Response Letters in the system.

Logo j-HR Performance Management module offers capabilities that would provide the most efficient performance for employees, as well as businesses. The most appropriate performance period for the company’s processes and operations is identified and a separate performance record is created in the module for each period. At the end of the identified performance period; the target-competence performance, duties and responsibilities of employees can be evaluated and the results can be viewed.

The Career Management module within Logo j-HR supports the career planning and management of employees, helping to create a brighter future for your business.

Logo j-HR Employee Portal enables each employee to easily access information about themselves or the company. Defined as self-service HR, this application, reinforces the transparency between the company and the employees. Logging into the Logo j-HR Employee Portal with their personal passwords, personnel can easily follow up their current status and create requests in areas such as leave, overtime, and training. The portal, where all news and announcements about the company can be entered, is also a corporate communication platform.

Logo j-HR Recruitment Portal offers solutions that facilitate the recruitment of internal and external personnel. In the process that begins with the requests of department heads for vacancies or projects through the portal, internal or external ads are defined following the approval of the request.

Interview records, offers, exam survey information and project-based information can be tracked through the cards created for the applications. The suitability of the candidate for the potential role can also be evaluated through these cards. The recruitment process can be analyzed and reported by generating the reports for Application Cards, List of Personnel Requests and Response Letters in the system.

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