An effective solution to get the most out of your human resources: Logo Netsis HR

Handling all human resources processes, from recruitment and performance evaluations to leave monitoring and organization management, as a whole, is one of the most important investments that a company can make. Developed by Logo’s innovative approach and technological know-how, LogoNetsis HR is an HR solution perfectly rewarding this investment.

  • Modular structure

All businesses, that would like to move their HR processes to the digital environment and manage them on a modular basis, benefit from the advantages offered by Logo Netsis HR. With is modular structure, Logo Netsis HR provides the best support to meet HR professionals’ needs.

  • Access anywhere

With its web-based structure, Logo Netsis HR allows the ability to work anytime, anywhere.

  • Strong integration 

Logo Netsis HR can be integrated with Logo Netsis 3 Payroll for the management of payroll processes, with Logo Flow for process management, and with Logo Mind Insight for analysis and reporting.

  • Management from a single point

  • Modular structure

  • Data reliability and consistency

  • Time and labor savings

  • Web-based usage

  • Objective performance evaluation

  • Fast reporting

  • Mobile compatible employee portal

The HR Personnel Affairs Management module of Logo Netsis brings all employee information together and allows viewing on a single screen. This allows HR teams to save time and effort.

The Organization Management module of Logo Netsis HR records and reports all employee-related information required for business, meeting the most basic need of HR departments. Information such as work location, department, position, and superiors of an employee are entered to the system using the Organization Module, creating a reliable pool of employee information.

Logo Netsis HR offers the Leave Management module to simplify leave processes, which create a significant workload for HR departments. Integrated with the Employee Portal, this module allows viewing of all leave requests and information entered by employees in the system.

With Logo Netsis HR, which automates training processes, investment and resources planned to be allocated for training can be set easily, and annual budgets and training programs can be prepared accordingly. Moreover, new training programs can be planned based on demand or needs, and tangible benefits of training can be measured and reported.

Survey Management module of Logo Netsis HR facilitates planning by receiving feedback from employees, and allows easy creation of surveys with questions of different types. Automatically created by the module, these surveys can be assigned to relevant people or groups in the system, and notifications can be sent out.

Performance Management module of Logo Netsis HR, which allows the creation of analytical and objective performance evaluations, gives assurance to employees with its data-based design and transparent structure. Evaluations made online generate faster and more precise results compared to manual systems.

Logo Netsis HR Employee Portal enables each employee to easily access information about themselves or the company. Defined as self-service HR, this application, reinforces the transparency between the company and the employees. Logging in the portal with their personal passwords, the personnel can easily follow up their current status and create requests in areas such as leave, overtime, and training. The portal, where all news and announcements about the company can be entered, is also a corporate communication platform.

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