Payroll Management

Lower your workload and increase the efficiency of your HR processes with Logo’s Payroll Management solutions.

Lower your workload and increase the efficiency of your HR processes with Logo’s Payroll Management solutions,
In Human Resources processes, operations such as payroll, leave management, and debt management intensively demands time and labor. Automate these operations, which create time pressures on HR teams, prevent labor wastage, and minimize mistakes in manual applications.

Fast and accurate payroll operations
Utilizing its long years of experience in the management of HR processes, Logo makes a difference with its tailor-made solutions for payroll operations, which are labor and time-intensive processes. Logo’s payroll-oriented solutions allow HR departments to perform payroll operations in a fast and accurate manner. In addition, they lower the operational costs of businesses with easy monitoring operations. Payroll solutions allow end-to-end management of resources by integrating with Logo’s custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors
  • Compliant with the current legislation
  • Fast communication with relevant agencies
  • Monthly emailing of payrolls
  • Data-based budget estimation
  • Individual retirement transactions

Payroll Management Products

Have access to HR processes from anywhere at any time thanks to Logo j-HR’s web-based structure, this new-generation HR management solution provides the opportunity to work independently of time and place, offering flexibility and speed for HR teams and managers.

With Logo Payroll, which has no set-up costs as it is a cloud-based system that requires no additional hardware such as servers, you can start payroll transactions straight away with either a monthly or annual subscription. As it is a cloud-based system, there are no costs for hardware maintenance.

Allowing HR departments to perform their payroll transactions quickly and accurately, the Logo Bordro Plus solution also reduces operational costs, thanks to the ease of tracking.

Payroll transactions are performed in compliance with legislation in a fast and error-free manner with the Logo Netsis 3 Bordro solution, which provides automation in payroll transactions, which is a labor and time-intensive process, and also reduces operational costs.

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