Payroll transactions are performed in compliance with legislation in a fast and error-free manner with the Logo Netsis 3 Bordro solution, which provides automation in payroll transactions, which is a labor and time-intensive process, and also reduces operational costs.

Reduce workloads and increase efficiency with Logo Netsis 3 Payroll

The impact of human resources on financial results becomes more evident day by day. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to manage this resource in the best manner both in terms of legal and operational needs. The most important assistant of businesses and human resources teams in this process is the automation-based technology solutions. Focusing on meeting HR requirements efficiently with its innovative solutions, Logo frees the HR departments from payroll workloads with Logo Netsis3Payroll. Providing complete management of employee payroll processes, Logo Netsis 3 Payroll offers high efficiency with ease-of-use, a flexible structure, plus time and cost-savings.

  • For all businesses 

Any large, medium or small business that wishes to manage payroll processes internally without outsourcing, can easily do so with Logo Netsis 3 Bordro.

  • Processes that are compliant with legislation 

Businesses can easily and accurately manage payroll processes in a legally compliant manner with Logo Netsis 3 Bordro, eliminating the need for outsourcing and achieving cost and labor savings.

  • Speed and efficiency in payroll processes with process automation

  • Easy and effective follow-up on one screen

  • Time and cost savings

In Human Resources processes, operations such as payroll and debt management intensively demand time and labor. Automating these operations which creates time pressure on HR teams, prevents labor wastage, and minimizes mistakes in manual applications. Utilizing its long years of experience in the management of HR processes, Logo makes a difference with Logo Netsis 3 Payroll, one of the most substantial solutions of the sector, for payroll operations, which are labor and time-intensive processes. The Logo Netsis 3 Payroll solution allows HR departments to perform payroll operations quickly and accurately. In addition, they lower the operational costs of businesses with easy monitoring of operations.

With a Registry Management module offered as a standard feature, Logo Netsis 3 Payroll provides the ability to easily create and follow up registry cards and all applicable legal documents. The Documentation Tracking feature of the solution provides quick access to files associated with registry, while the created Time Tracing Logs make it possible to fully access any changes in the registry and legal information and create relevant historical reports.

With the Logo Netsis 3 Payroll that works in full compliance with the regulations of the Social Security Institution, documents such as the Monthly Premium and Service Certificate, Certificates of Employment and Termination, and e-Declaration can be prepared and transferred to the SSI within the system.

Logo Netsis 3 Payroll facilitates staff’s work continuity and payroll calculations. All score card information can be quickly processed and transferred to the system via the Spreadsheet Tool.

The optional BES (Individual Retirement System) Automated Participation Integration module enables operations to be managed quickly and practically, thanks to its integration with individual retirement companies. Contracting procedures and the processes for collection of contributions to be recorded into contracts are carried out via Logo Netsis 3 Payroll, which allows participants to easily query their current statuses.

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