Learning Management Platform (e-Learning)

The platform is founded in 1999, its inception and provides technologies and e-learning services to corporations for their education and development activities. The platform is an educational platform that allows you to access your company’s educational materials online whenever and wherever you want, and you can follow the data of your educational experiences from personalized screens.

We follow all the world trends in the field of e-learning and relative technologies closely. So that, we carry out the role and responsibility of bringing the most suitable solutions to its customers.


The platform’s mission is to transform traditional learning into “New Generation Learning” in the digitalized world with Industry 4.0. The five components of the New Generation Learning are as follows:

  • Performance-Oriented
  • Offering Rich Learning Tools
  • Technology-Assisted
  • Social Learning Process (learning from each other) Personalized



We offer rich content, technology, and efficient design services for the learning and development activities.

  • Contribution to the digital transformation in learning & development process,

  • Providing operational efficiency in the L&D departments by one-point management of all learning development activities,

  • Saving operational costs in learning development activities,

  • Ability to provide, manage and report up-to-date information,

  • Contribution to the performance and sustainability by mobile applications. At any time and anywhere,

  • Rich learning tools suitable for various learning styles,

  • Ability to personalize learning with the help of technology,

  • Evaluation tools to measure the benefits of learning and development,

  • Providing an infrastructure that allows people to learn from each other and keeping information sharing through this infrastructure,

  • Increasing efficiency across all learning development activities.


We offer products and services to its customers through the New Generation Learning approach, which is considered as the “future of learning”.

The corporations that move to New Generation Learning will achieve:

  • An infrastructure that manages all learning and development activities from a single point, (E-Learning Platform)
  • Contents (+60.000 in English from the world’s top experts in the field of e-learning)
  • Special content design tailored to the specific needs of the corporations (+2500 special content)
  • Tools and competence to produce their own content.

While presenting all these, Enocta analyzes the needs, current learning activities, processes, and technical infrastructure of the corporation with its consulting role and produces the most appropriate solutions.


Sales and Business Development

The Sales and Business Development Team identifies the basic needs, strategies, values, and priorities of corporations and offers the right solutions.

Technical Support

it is possible to perform single-level or multilevel production (that includes semi-products needed for product and production)

The technical Support Team will support you by phone or e-mail when needed. In addition, they work with the corporation’s staff in system integration projects and data transfer processes.

Software and Content Development

That manages your finances, tracks your inventory, business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

In order to develop software and content products, 2 different teams develop new generation products and features.

Product Management

Software and Content Development Managers will be responsible for;

  • Innovations and improvements will be performed to the products according to world trends and customer requests.
  • Defining product strategies and road maps.
  • Building the required technical infrastructures.
  • New, high valued products and partners that contribute to the product will be found.

Business Partners

Developing products and solutions with the content marketplace and technology platform partnerships strategy with more than 30 business partners.

Customer Success Management

The solutions provided by the Customer Success Managers are as follows:

  • Problem & solution positioning
  • Implementation
  • Defining the project success KPI’s
  • Monitoring & Reporting
  • Contributing to the improvement of the process

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