Project Description

Document Management

Documents like spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, contracts, video and scanned images are created faster than we can count them. In most organizations, this content lives all over the place, on desktop computers, consumer file hosting services such as Dropbox and Google docs, network drives, USBs and email. And your enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and Supply Chain are generating an endless stream of operational, structured data either on-premise or in the Cloud.

Being able to organize, control and provide fast and secure access to this structured and unstructured data has become critical to the organization’s success.The system simplified enterprise-grade document management system does exactly that. Key functionality includes version control, access control, notifications, approval workflows, embedded file viewer support, collaboration, and enterprise archiving.


  • Putting your content in context
  • Easily retrieve what is stored
  •  Control your content



The system workflow automates and streamlines common business processes like contract or invoice approvals, PTO requests, storing data in a database, or assigning a task. The system automatically monitors each step of the process, provides rules or triggers to determine what’s next and sends a notification when an action is required. The system workflow ensures you stay productive and compliant. It integrates your people, systems, data and action.

The system workflow is designed to allow business analysts to understand, build and change processes – without becoming developers. All businesses run on workflows – and many of them can be automated because they are either manual, time-consuming or inefficient. Most commercial software applications provide some ‘workflow’ because of the way you use that software to complete a task. The system workflow doesn’t just participate in task completion – it manages the entire process of work by coordinating systems and people on one single platform with one code base and interface.


  •  Increased productivity with faster forms, reviews and approvals
  •  Process automation
  • Better governance

Records Management

The system Records Management allows the organization to comply with external regulations and internal policies by managing and automating the retention and removal of content.

Be in full control of your documents the moment they enter into The system with an un-editable data trail and automatic destruction options. The system will also ensure your sensitive content will not be deleted until its official retention period has expired.


  •  Minimize risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  •  Lower operating expenses


Application Integration

The system lets you easily integrate with other business applications within hours, not weeks or months. It enables users to be more efficient by automatically filling out forms, launching workflows, and dynamically composing documents such as proposals, offer letters, contracts and policies.


  • Synchronization

  •  Time savings



SAP manages your business operations, from finance, sales and supply chain, to customer relations. The software optimizes those same business operations by automating document-intensive processes, from invoice management, purchase orders and sales order processing, to master data management. The software for SAP also lets you bridge the gap between your structured data in SAP and related unstructured data, and helps you better manage that endlessly growing data repository efficiently.

*Are you looking to reduce your invoice processing costs through invoice processing automation, from digitizing and indexing invoices, to workflow approvals and invoice archiving in need of optimizing your SAP system performance, minimize database growth, facilitate database backups and reduce legacy hardware and maintenance costs?
*Are you ready to take back control over the unstructured content stored in application silos scattered throughout your IT infrastructure?
*Would you like to increase sales order processing automation, better track sales orders from receipt to post and reduce your sales order backlog?
*Do you want to increase the potential for process automation, eliminate data entry errors and free-up productive time?
The software for SAP gives you a flexible, easy to use- and implement platform that will automate your document-intensive processes and solve all your workflow, archiving, and content management challenges. At an unbeatable TCO.


  • Reduced costs
  • Putting your content in context
  • Increased productivity with faster forms, reviews and approvals
  • Control your content
  • Process automation
  • Easily retrieve what is stored
  • Minimize risk and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Visibility
  • Improved customer service
  • Time savings