Project Description

• Archive internal and external documents
• Support for all formats (text, image, sound, drawing, etc.)
• Quickly saving new documents with drag and drop
• Adding tags to documents, easy search with tags and keywords
• Creating a user-specific or public folder structure
• Document Check-in, Check-out function
• Storing documents with password
• Document history tracking
• User Task and Approval notifications
• Indexing
• Associating with other documents and establishing logical connections
• Easy to execute additional operations
• Direct emailing
• Printing
• Faxing
• Saving to other data environments
Personalized access protection (user privileges for each document/document folder)
• Automatic notification to users in case of file update or archive
• Revision-protected archiving with external software in accordance with IDW PS 880
• Flawless integration with other modules and work processes