Project Description


• Official reports such as e-Ledger, e-Declarations, Babs forms, VAT report
• Multiple accounting standards, real-time or end-of-period parallel ledger printing, discount calculations of timed debt/credits.
• Foreign currency transactions, foreign currency reports, periodic exchange rate valuation, foreign exchange profit/loss, aging difference, interest number and debt / receivable aging calculations.
• Manual or batch financial matching, matching exchange difference.
• Real-time or collective accounting integration.
• Creating accounting templates for different types of transactions with posting keys.
• Bulk customer/supplier information, reminders
• Cheque and promissory note management, financial reminder
• Integration with banks.
• Detailed credit and lease monitoring.
• Financial ratios, analyze.
• Automatic repetitive payments and accounting documents
• Rich, customizable ready-made reports and ability to create your own reports
• Full support for end-of-period and beginning of period closing/opening operations.
• Full infrastructure support to local regulations and legislation of Turkey, Germany and many other European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Latin American countries.