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Collaboration Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW OF CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS • Dynamic adaptable user console • Connection with ERP modules/processes or external data sources • Ability to send emails from all modules • Task, event planning and managing tool • Personal or company calendar management • Email and address book management integrated with Customer Relationship Management module • Instant message [...]

Business & Strategic Planning Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW OF BUDGET MANAGEMENT • Creating a desired number of budgets • Identifiable authorization and approval process • Budget category in different hierarchies • Use of multiple currencies in the budget • General sales planning based on material groups • Detailed sales planning based on customers / materials • Budget entry based on departments [...]

Material/Inventory Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW Warehouse records specific to inventory receipts (Purchase order, production order, external order, service order, customer refund), inventory issues (Service order, dispatch, project, contract order, production order, return to supplier, etc.) and stock transfer processes The hierarchical structure for warehouse and stock places (Warehouse / stock places and warehouse / stock location addresses) Lot [...]

Production Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW Alternative Management Variant management Optimization of production processes Usage with different production order types Multi-level production Operations Scheduling External Operation Management Operation grouping concept for similar operations Instant stock tracking for materials to be used in production Resource management Inventory movements that can be managed according to (based on) needs Diversity in operation [...]

Project Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW Comprehensive planning on costs and resources Efficient management and scheduling on the project with Gantt Chart Hierarchical structure categorized by its fractured structure Chart and table viewable and comparable project baselines A To-Do List which can be used for reminder or confirmation at important points of the project Ability to generate invoices for [...]

Product Development Management

FEATURE OVERVIEW OF BILL OF MATERIAL MANAGEMENT • Complete integration into production plans and production • Validations based on time and lot size • Component-level control • Expandable BOMs • Co-production • Alternative BOMs • Dismantling (Demontage) BOMs • Variant Management • Different measure units • Determination of quantity based on formulas • Ergonomic use [...]

Purchase Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW • Request Management • Bid Management • Agreement Management • Order Management • Piece-by-Piece Order • Create an order from agreements • Centrally creating a purchase agreement • Vendor recommendation during creating a purchase order from requests • Bid management • History tracking for purchase documents’ management • Archiving documents in Document Management [...]


Features Overview 1. Perfect integration into ERP system 2. Action management a. Communication management b. Potential customer/vendor, vendor and customer c. Data maintenance d. Communication planning, contact history e. Tele-marketing support / Call Center integration f. Bulk email / letter / SMS sending g. Customer group analysis h. Planned Actions 3. Integration with the Corporate [...]

Finance Management

FEATURES OVERVIEW • Official reports such as e-Ledger, e-Declarations, Babs forms, VAT report • Multiple accounting standards, real-time or end-of-period parallel ledger printing, discount calculations of timed debt/credits. • Foreign currency transactions, foreign currency reports, periodic exchange rate valuation, foreign exchange profit/loss, aging difference, interest number and debt / receivable aging calculations. • Manual or [...]


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Invoicing Made Easy :  Send professional invoices to clients and start availing online payments. Inventory Management : Monitor inventory levels and decide reorder points and never run out of stock! Multiple Users :  Work with your team of accountants, CA’s or colleagues to figure out your accounts at no extra cost. Accurate [...]

ERP App.

ERP software development Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) are software systems that prove to be of great help in operations planning, administration and to optimize internal business processes, comprising of manufacturing, supply chain, financials, customer relationship management, human resources as well as warehouse management. With the help of these solutions, a typical ERP [...]

Daily Planning

Customer relationship management (CRM) Zinger Stick CRM is a mid-market customer relationship management (CRM) solution that can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. Zinger Stick includes complete sales automation, marketing automation, customer service and contact center functionality in an interface that adjusts across all browser sizes and mobile devices. Zinger Stick CRM features statistical [...]