Designed specifically for the retail sector, the Logo Diva RETAIL which can be used as a built-in or cloud-based software, enables all cash transactions to be rapidly and easily tracked and managed.

  • Special technology for retail

Retail doesn’t only involve displaying and selling products anymore. Retail companies need to be more technology-oriented in areas such as customer experience management, integration of front office and back office applications, fast and seamless service, and customer satisfaction. Developed for this requirement, Logo Diva RETAIL enables the real-time management of the sales transactions in stores.

  • Built-in or cloud-based use

Logo Diva RETAIL can be easily activated in the retail companies’ cloud or the Logo cloud.

  • Fast solution for all cash transactions

Providing the digital transformation experience in shopping, Logo Diva RETAIL enables all cash transactions ranging from sales invoices and returns to campaigns and price management, and from stock control to customer records to be performed quickly and easily.

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