Achieve cost and time savings, and improve customer satisfaction by managing your warehouse processes effectively.

The Warehouse management system plays a key role in the integrated management of the entire value chain, from production to sales. Thanks to integrated and automated warehouse management, the costs of enterprises are reduced while their efficiency increases. The Logo Ocean and Logo Neon solutions in Logo’s Warehouse management system portfolio manage the flow of materials, information and money in an integrated manner in every enterprise that engages in warehouse management. The warehouse processes are therefore improved, and the right product can be offered at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. This in turn, improves service quality and customer satisfaction.

Logo’s Warehouse management system solutions, which can be integrated with Logo’s ERP solutions, provide effective control and management at every point from production to sales. With Logo’s Warehouse management system solutions, which offer features such as integrating handheld terminals within the system, cutting edge barcode systems, and the ability to use different modules and make custom adjustments, businesses can lower their costs as well as increase their efficiency.

  • Management of all warehouse and logistical operations from a single platform
  • Time and cost savings
  • Process automation feature
  • Integration with new generation technologies such as barcodes, RFID, and data matrix
  • Integrated handheld terminal usage

Logo WMS’s outstanding features

  • Goods receiving per order

  • Palletizing during goods receival

  • Transfer of materials from one address to another with or without pallets

  • Pallet processes

  • Scheduled order shipment

  • Use of carts for material collection and placement processes

  • Nationalization

  • Work-based employee score assessment

  • Labeling materials, address, pallets and packaging

  • Transfers between warehouses

  • Production operations and entry of consumables/losses from production

What can you do with Logo WMS?

  • Order-based delivery and goods receiving

  • Delivery planning

  • Pallet transactions

  • Use of carts for placement and delivery

  • Warehouse movements on the basis of demand slips

  • Return sales and purchases

  • Material management slips (consumables, losses, warehouse slips etc.)

  • Consignment transactions

  • Good receiving with multiple order checks

  • 2D barcode support

  • Series/Lots support

  • Multiple barcode support for materials

  • Compliance with mixed parcel usage processes

Increase your warehouse performance with Logo WMS

Effective warehouse management plays a key role in increasing productivity along the entire value chain from production to distribution. Logo WMS, Logo’s Warehouse Management System solution for companies of all sizes, provides effective control and management at all times. Thanks to its compatibility with Android devices, state-of-the-art barcode systems and the availability of various modules, Logo WMS increases the efficiency of companies that carry out warehouse processes while reducing their costs.

Increased profitability that comes with the automatization of warehouse processes

For businesses that run warehouse processes, the Warehouse Management System is a factor that directly affects profitability. Therefore, it is very important to choose a solution that can be used not only in the stages of keeping inventory and making shipments, but throughout the entire value chain. This way, businesses can offer the right product to their customers in the right place, at the right time, and at the right price with Logo WMS, and achieve profitability and competitive advantage.


The Logo WMS Platform offers a wide range of modules including Acceptance of Goods, Replenishment, Shipments, Goods Collection, Stock Management, and Production. Thus, all business processes including purchases, production, sales, distribution management, and labeling are brought together at a single point. With the Logo WMS Platform, which is the only warehouse management system solution that can be customized for different processes, every business achieves efficiency gains in their unique processes.

Logo WMS Platform is the only warehouse management system solution in Turkey that has an RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, and allows the making of improvements in a short period of time, at a low cost, by customizing the sensitive processes in warehouses on a needs basis.

Integrated with next-generation technologies such as barcodes, RFID and 2-D barcode technologies, the Logo WMS Platform increases business efficiency by including labeling and label reading processes in the system.

Integrated with handheld terminals, Logo WMS Platform can perform barcode and RFID readings via these terminals. Thanks to its ease-of-use and rich functions, acceptance of goods, shipments, series/lot operations, production, pallet/packaging, and setting can be performed easily.

Equipped with its own reporting and adaptation tools, Logo WMS Platform offers the most appropriate reporting for different sectors and businesses. Therefore, businesses gain a competitive advantage, and improve their business processes by having a clearer view of their areas of improvement.

Logo WMS Platform allows you to move around the warehouse in 3-D without physically being in the warehouse, and makes it possible to have a more effective warehouse control and a more efficient warehouse layout.

The Robot module included in Logo WMS Platform to manage AS/RS systems specifically designed for pallet warehouses allows successful management of fully automated warehouses.

The Logo WMS Platform lowers costs while increasing profitability and efficiency and ensures effective control of processes for large and medium-sized businesses by offering integrated and automated warehouse management.

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