ERP which means ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ is a software that manages the financial, supply chain, operations, trade, reporting, production and human resources activities of each company. ERP is the general name of systems and software developed to ensure or support the end-to-end management and efficient use of enterprises’ resources (human resources, physical resources, financial resources). A classical ERP software uses various software and hardware of the computer to operate. ERP systems basically use an integrated database where different data can be stored. Logo Tiger Wings family has been working on the ERP system to give you the best experience and efficiency.

Let’s see what Logo Tiger Wings and Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise do in ERP for your business improvement.

  • Logo Tiger Wings developed a combining in order to know to develop ERP in the new technologies. Logo Wings family provides a new perspective in the enterprise resource planning processes. It offers an even more comfortable solution with features such as; the role-based customizable desktop, app-in-app, and built-in search engine technologies, as well as web-based access.
  • The Wings product family provides an ERP experience independent of time and place, allowing you to manage your enterprise thoroughly anywhere and anytime.
  • Logo Tiger Wings ERP enhances your business processes with a large modular structure and rich functions and supports your sustainable efficiency anytime and anywhere thanks to its web-based use.

Henceforth, it is not difficult to manage your resources end-to-end from one point by Logo Tiger Wings and Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise. You can manage all your processes efficiently the enterprise resource planning solutions with Logo Tiger Wings and Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise.

Increasing efficiency with opportunities, material requirement planning, cost accounting, fast and safe calculations that take a long time to do manually and are prone to errors, bench loading, routing, etc. However, Logo presents many advantages in ERP in order to enhance you in your business.

Through Logo ERP Enterprises achieve:

  • More efficiency,
  • Provides visibility,
  • Automating operational processes,
  • Significantly reducing workload
  • Time and cost savings,
  • Effective control and data reliability in all operations.

Logo’s ERP portfolio also offers to standard installations modular structures in order to allow further improvement. This module can be added based on needs and requirements that installation needs. Throughout this all the businesses can create the most appropriate ERP package for themselves.