A Learning Management Platform (E-Learning), also known as electronic learning, is the process by which employees can continue their education using digital tools and platforms. This is usually done via a computer and offers employees from a wide range of industries receiving the option of further training within the company. As a result, the knowledge of a wide range of stakeholders is combined to create an effective and fully electronic course.

With the help of technical devices, the development of one’s own employees can be promoted.

E-learning is extremely diverse and is used differently by almost every company.

‘Zinger Stick Software’ offers products and services to our customers through a new generation learning approach which is considered as the future of learning. As a provider of best learning management software, they closely follow all global trends in e-learning and related technologies.

One of the solutions can be an induction system which is used to familiarize employees with the company’s internal processes. In addition to digital induction, courses and workshops are also a popular means of e-learning. These can be taken conveniently from home and can be held in large groups.

At the same time, using a digital workshop can quickly expand one’s own media skills to combine innovation with modernity.

E-learning aims to standardize the learning process and bring it to a digital level. This should make it easier for both employees and management to compare performance and ensure consistent quality.

In addition, e-learning increases self-discipline and makes it possible to deal with the most important aspects of work even from home. This makes learning and the process of continuing education more varied and gives everyone involved a feeling of security. Basically, e-learning should lead to a simplification of the entire learning process. At the same time, the tools and programs can adapt to the individual requirements of the employees which means that everyone is challenged according to their own learning workload. Complementary to this, the actual work must not be pushed into the background which is why the concepts can be designed exactly according to the employer’s expectations. Digital courses and workshops can basically be held at any location

‘Zinger Stick Software’ offers various services such as:

  • multilingual support,
  • cloud solutions,
  • unlimited storage,
  • notifications and automatic messages,
  • personal content,
  • creation and publishing of your own content,
  • advanced search,
  • favorites lists,
  • video playback speed customization,
  • digital measurement, advanced reporting,
  • learning analytics and more.

This makes learning an easier and thoughtful process that saves learners a lot of time. Learning can thus be done comfortably from home but also right in the office space. The decision is made by everyone for themselves.

The use of modern tools and programs makes it possible to standardize requirements. This means that the same expectations are placed on every employee which in turn makes the results more comparable. Thus nothing stands in the way of easy review as well as comparison of different performances, offered by ‘Zinger Stick Software’.