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Improve efficiency in all retail processes from cash transactions to after-sales services

The efficiency and seamless operation of the front office and back office processes in a retail company has a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Technology plays an important role in making the shopping experiences of customers easier and more comfortable. Developed in this context and offered as a built-in or cloud-based solution, the Logo retail solutions enables the real-time management of the front office and back office operations in retail stores. Therefore, all processes ranging from sales invoices and returns to campaigns and price management, from stock control and customer records to purchasing and payment systems, and from channel management to campaign planning as well as after-sales service transactions can be executed quickly and easily.

With its retail-oriented, fast and efficient solutions equipped with the latest technology, Logo offers built-in or cloud solutions to retail companies of all sizes. Specifically designed for the retail sector, these solutions cover every process end-to-end, with a focus on customer satisfaction and the bottom line. Thanks to the use of cloud technology, there is no need for investments in terminals, servers, security software, backup, database installation, maintenance support services, various software licenses, etc.

Logo retail solutions, which can be integrated with solutions such as Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Customer relations management (CRM), as well as with various payments and campaign systems, create both a stronger database and an ecosystem that allows efficient management of all processes.

Logo also offers a custom solution for after-sales service processes in retail, making it possible to manage central or distributed service networks in an efficient manner.


We produce proprietary software solutions for every scale of operation.

Retail Merchandising Management

With Logo Diva Retail Merchandising Management solutions, manage all merchandising processes via on premise or cloud systems.

After Sales Service Management

With Logo Diva SERVICE, manage after-sales processes in the cloud to achieve cost savings.

Retail Channel Management

With Logo Diva CHANNEL, manage your sales channel with cloud flexibility and capture the power of digital transformation.


Designed specifically for the retail sector, the Logo Diva RETAIL which can be used as a built-in or cloud-based software, enables all cash transactions to be rapidly and easily tracked and managed.

Logo Diva SHOP enables the management of a wide range of front and back office processes of businesses with a single-store or several branches, from cash transactions to stock, purchasing and pre-accounting.

The cloud-based Logo Diva SERVICE enables retail companies to manage their entire after-sales service processes from repair to spare parts procurement in the most agile and efficient way.

Logo Diva CHANNEL enables all retailing processes to be quickly and easily managed by synchronizing cash transactions between the head office and branches in retail companies that perform channel management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Custom solutions are needed to manage business processes in the retail sector, which has a highly dynamic structure. Efficient management of stock, sales points, cash registers, and back office processes is required for the seamless operation of the value chain built to offer the desired product to the customer, at the desired time and with desired quality. Solutions that can succeed in this way provide retail businesses with the agility and flexibility that they need. And this results in increased customer satisfaction, sales and profitability.

All retail companies can benefit from these solutions, whether they operate out of a single store, or have multiple branches.

Retail specific solutions must, first of all, have the flexibility to keep up with the dynamic structure of retail. Because of the ongoing process of digital transformation and the changes in customer expectations due to this transformation, it is important to prefer technologies that can keep up with these changes. In this sense, solutions that utilize cloud technology, one of the most important innovations of recent times, provides significant cost, speed, and convenience advantages. In addition, the solutions to be used need to be adaptable to the needs of different segments and business models in retail. These solutions should also be able to integrate with other systems used in the business, such as ERP and CRM. Building a structure that is supported by solutions designed for after-sales service processes, one of the critical issues in retail, is an important component of success in retail.

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