Human resource management (HRM) is classically understood to mean the entire organization of human resources. Accordingly, this resource must be handled well which has led many companies to the decision to improve the management of employees through a system. Such a software can take over various tasks.

You want to manage all these human resources processes?

  • Monitoring recruitment, performance and evaluation.
  • Time and cost savings for companies.

With a modular structure that can be customized according to specific needs, ‘Logo’s Human Resources Management solutions’ enable faster management of human resources with greater flexibility and with integrated or web-based usage options.

Data protection plays a major role in every company. Especially sensitive data such as bank details, ID cards and similar documents and copies must be managed securely and sorted. Digital software, such as a Human resources management system, takes care of this task.

The days of pay envelopes are over. Digital communication with government agencies and tax offices, as well as clean payroll are now standard requirements

A HRM controls and monitors dates and deadlines, as well as requirements for salaries. Organization of internal training and further education as well as internal job applications. This large task area of HR requires an enormous amount of time which is significantly reduced by using a HRM system. Many companies allow their employees to work flexible or introduce clocking-in systems to accurately record working hours. A HRM system presents this data visually, so that not only the HR department, but also the employee himself has a good overview. Especially in growing companies it is important to keep track of positions to be filled, workforce and project planning. HRM systems help you to keep track of this crucial process. Your company still manages without HRM systems? A HRM system creates advantages that cannot be dismissed out of hand. In most companies there are IT and EDP systems that link organizational and work processes and forward information. Especially in HR, it is impossible today to do without these digital communication channels. Without a HRM system, all these systems must be manually connected, understood, and explained. With a HRM system, you design these processes in an organized and uniform manner. This not only reduces the error rate, but also the processing time of each employee beyond the HR department. Besides that, the reduction of your company’s workload will be granted, and the increase of efficiency will be provided by ‘Logo’s Human Resources Management solutions’.