Digital Transformation Solutions

We help you to migrate your processes to virtual environment, eliminate unnecessary approval waiting processes and use your resources effectively, allowing to establish the relationship between content and process that you need at the highest level and for this purpose it associates the processes with the documents, which form the input or output of processes, and ensures that they are accessed quickly by the right persons.

We eliminate your problems with data quality and ensure that your operational efficiency is increased thanks to eBA Master Data Management solution.

You can define your company’s risks and manage or mitigate the risks for your confidential data thanks to Information Security Policy, which forms the basis of ISMS solution.

You can implement ITIL methodology to your enterprise too with Information Technologies Service Management System software solution.

We can describe change management as an approach which enables to understand the changes as products and processes are developed and a need for change occurs, and provides retrospective traceability understand the decisions taken in time.

eBA document management and archive management software ensures to reach the correct document among millions of documents in seconds, and automates boring and time-consuming manual processes.

We describe DMS as management of the entire lifecycle of a document, such as creating and versioning the document, transmitting it to the right persons at the right time through appropriate solutions, and archiving and destroying the document.

Organizations can easily perform the processes regarding occupational health, safety, and workers’ health, which they are required to monitor and manage, both in web and mobile environments.

Business processes automation (BPA) can be defined as an enterprise transformation aiming to increase productivity and facilitate compliance with repetitive operations.

QDMS  provides the advantages of effective competition, uninterrupted customer satisfaction, creation of customer trust, reduction of errors, increasing profitability, controlling the costs, minimizing losses, and continuous improvement.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is a software solution, through which strategic, financial, and reputation risks of an organization are defined, analyzed, evaluated, controlled, and managed in an integrated manner.

BEAM Enterprise Asset Management solution covers all processes from entering a fixture to the enterprise’s inventory to the time it was scrapped.

The corporates ensure that all their employees focus on a common target with a balanced scorecard application. Such distribution of strategies to the entire organization is an important fact for companies in terms of contribution to the corporate’s identity.

You can manage projects, programs, and operational works from a single point as needed by project management offices with Project and Portfolio Management solution.

We can design all exported forms (Request Form, Proposal Form, Order Form, Quality Control Form, Material Entry Form, etc.) which are usually used for purchasing operations, specifically for your company by using Purchasing Automation solution.

You can convert scanned documents and pdf files to Word, Excel, and searchable pdf documents with the eBA Digitalization Management System application.

We can define a contract as a written document, which determines the conditions to be followed by parties that will be involved in the performance of a project.

After Sales Services Management solution is an end-to-end solution package, through which all problems encountered by end-users for the products they use, starting from the initial installation, can be tracked.

We define an environmental management system as a system, through which the environmental impacts of a product or service at each step from the initial stage to the introduction to the market are evaluated and production processes are planned, organized, optimized, and managed accordingly.

Elements of Transformation

1- Back Office Processing

Automation of works that are obligatory but have little added value.

2- Business Process Automation

Gain operational agility by increasing IT Efficiency. Data transfer among units. Regulation and inter-process connections.

3- Document Management

Deliver the right document to the right person at the right time.

4- Record Management

Manage the life cycle of the document that is qualified as a record.

5- Data Management

Keep up with all the data of the organization, work in compliance with regulations.

Benefits of Digital Transformation

  • Data Transfer Among Units

  • Operational Speed and Agility

  • Improving IT Efficiency

  • Efficient Time and Data Management

  • Compliance

  • Structured Data

  • Uninterrupted Workflow

  • Smart Data Analysis

  • What Data Is Available and Where It Is Located

  • Building The Basis of Digital Transformation


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