Handling all human resources processes, from recruitment and performance evaluations, to leave monitoring and side benefits as a whole, from a single point, provides savings in labor, time and costs to enterprises. Developed in line with this goal, Logo Human Resources Management solutions meet all the requirements of HR departments.

With a modular structure that can be customized based on specific requirements, the Logo Human Resources Management solutions allow human resources to be managed quicker with greater flexibility with either built-in or web-based options of use.

Human Resources Management Solutions

Logo’s innovation-oriented approach and Human Resources Management solutions shaped by its technological experience meet all the needs of HR departments.

Thanks to its web-based usage, Logo Human Resources Management solutions make it possible to manage a faster and more flexible human resource department quickly in an efficient manner, and is improved and updated on an ongoing basis depending on changing requirements and legislation.

These solutions, which support company-wide transparency and ease of use with a user portal and self-service technologies, gather all HR data together in one point and open them to authorized access to shorten and increase the efficiency of many HR processes. Many processes, from leave management to performance management, can be completed easily and quickly with Logo Human Resources Management solutions.


Human Resources Process Management

Make the Right Decisions for Your Company with Logo Human Resources Solutions

  • Single-point management of all HR processes
  • Time and labor savings
  • Optional web-based usage
  • Compliant with legislation
  • Self-service usage via the portal

Payroll Management

Lower your workload and increase the efficiency of your HR processes with Logo’s Payroll Management solutions.


Human Resources Management (HRM) Products

Have access to HR processes from anywhere at any time thanks to Logo j-HR’s web-based structure, this new-generation HR management solution provides the opportunity to work independently of time and place, offering flexibility and speed for HR teams and managers.

Developed considering the requirements of HR professionals, Logo Tiger HR offers a flexible and functional HR solution with its web-based structure.

With Logo GO Wings, which is developed by Logo by combining technological know-how and innovative capability and which can be used over the web, the business processes of SMEs from orders to accounting can be managed from anywhere at any time, in real-time.

Handling every human resources process, from recruitment and performance evaluations, to leave monitoring and benefits as a whole, Logo Netsis HR offers flexibility and ease of use with its web-based structure.

Allowing HR departments to perform their payroll transactions quickly and accurately, the Logo Bordro Plus solution also reduces operational costs, thanks to the ease of tracking.

Payroll transactions are performed in compliance with legislation in a fast and error-free manner with the Logo Netsis 3 Bordro solution, which provides automation in payroll transactions, which is a labor and time-intensive process, and also reduces operational costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a Human Resources Management solution, it is important to prefer a structure that can integrate with different technological solutions within the company, meet current needs, and is flexible enough to meet future needs. In addition, using a solution that updates on an ongoing basis to meet legislative compliance, would increase efficiency gains obtained from human resources applications.

Firms of all sizes from micro businesses to large corporations can use HR solutions.

Employees are as important as customers for a business to maintain its existence. Digitizing every HR process from recruitment to payrolls, and from training to performance evaluations, makes it possible to manage human resources more efficiently and increases employee satisfaction, and thus the overall performance of the company.

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