Customer Relations Management (CRM)

Focusing on businesses’ communication with their customers in the most effective way in line with sales and marketing targets, the Logo CRM Customer Relations Management solution provides customer satisfaction by quickly managing field operations, marketing activities and all sales processes.

The Logo CRM solution takes customer relations to a whole new dimension by allowing you to approach potential customers in the most appropriate manner, as well as providing deeper insights into your existing customer base. Covering every point of contact with the customer from field operations to campaign planning and hot sale processes, Logo CRM also enables the creation of a corporate memory within companies.

Thanks to Logo CRM, which also allows mobile use during the process beginning with the planning of customer meetings and extending towards the measurement of satisfaction after sales, it is possible to create a customer-oriented structure and as a result, establish a system that will directly affect profitability.

  • Developed to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, Logo CRM

allows sales and marketing teams or technical teams to organize all appointments, meetings, proposals, sales, business, and post-sales processes. Integrated with Logo’s ERP Solutions, Logo CRM thus offers real-time monitoring and reporting. With Logo CRM, which can also be used in mobile devices, sales teams can enter orders when they are still with the customer, or check inventory status and take orders accordingly.

Thanks to the Outlook integration offered by Logo CRM, it is possible to access every record of a customer who sends an email. These records can include many multiple items from previous contracts to details of orders.

The Logo Notifier Service function of Logo CRM, which offers many features such as proposal preparation, customer visit management, and time management, and allows instant notification of transactions to be made. In short, Logo CRM serves both as a corporate memory for the company, and as a most effective supporter of sales.

  • Required by companies of all sizes 

Regardless of their size, all companies have the goal of increasing the loyalty of their existing customers, accessing potential customers, and establishing the right communication with customers. Thanks to Logo CRM that facilitates this process by automation communicating with the right customer, at the right time, in the right way is possible.

  • Integrated structure, strong corporate memory 

Providing fast and effective management at every customer contact point, Logo CRM is also integrated with the Logo ERP solutions. This enables all data in the business to feed into and support each other, and sales and marketing processes are controlled, creating a strong and reliable corporate memory.


Logo CRM Packages


  • Max 6 Users
  • Campaign management
  • Notes
  • Share
  • Notifications
  • Process list
  • Customer management
  • Activity management
  • Offer management
  • Mobil/Outlook package
  • Calendar/Maps
  • Reporting
  • Language package
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (Setrow, MailChimp, Mobildev etc..)


  • Max 16 Users
  • All of the basic packages functions
  • Opportunity management
  • Task management
  • Document management
  • Reporting/Dashboard/Analysis
  • IP switchboard
  • After sales support module
  • Notifier service
  • Model editor (Customization)
  • KPI


  • Unlimited Users
  • All of the standard packages functions
  • Rest service
  • Additional software

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