Process, Strategy and Performance
Management System

ENSEMBLE “Process/Performance Management/BSC”, aims to make your organization’s processes ˜intelligent by transferring them to digital environment, based on your organization’s philosophy to be managed by processes. Thanks to Intelligent Process Management, you can map all your process relationships and links and maximize your process maturity level then bring to perfection your process strategy in operations management.

Companies that need to succeed in today’s business environment shall be prepared to face new realities. Globalization has removed country borders. Competition area is the whole world for companies. Competition actually takes place between processes of the companies rather than the companies themselves. Customers want results, employees desire competitive and rewarding business experience. Technology on the other hand, provides unparalleled opportunities that enable rapid growth. Succeeding in such an environment is only possible when companies focus on the processes as a strategic weapon. Those who cannot make their processes efficient and effective, those who cannot establish a process based management system are doomed to fall back in the competition and eventually vanish.

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Process/Performance Management

  • Corporate Scorecard Management

  • Indicator Weighting

  • Strategic Management

  • Management with Targets

Process Management

  • Process Modeling
  • Risk/Opportunity
  • Relations
  • Process Resource Management
  • Competency Relations
  • RACI Matrix
  • Process Maturity Level
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Digital Transformation Disruptions

Performance Management

  • Process Indicators
  • Informing for Indicators Lower than Target
  • Productivity Increase
  • Data Integrations
  • Continuous Improvement


  • Automatic Notification
  • Advanced Monitoring and Reporting
  • Security and Authorization
  • Integration with Corporate Systems

What You Gain with Ensemble ?

  • Intelligent Process and Performance Management (IBPM)

  • Digitalized Processes

  • Assistance in Creating Corporate Architecture

  • Management with Targets

  • Organization’s SWOT Analyses

  • Productivity, Sustainability, Continuous Improvement

  • Multi-Level Modeling

  • Integration with Corporate Systems

  • Easy Data Entry Screens

  • Productivity Increase, Cost Reduction

  • Advanced Information Systems

  • Time Saving in Audits


Process & Performance Management Features

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Asset & Inventory


Process & Performance


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