Enterprise Asset Management

It is found out that the reason behind the productivity and quality of the establishment in modern establishments is maintenance management systems. It is not possible to control the quality and productivity of an establishment without controlling the core resources. Creating a Corporate Maintenance culture is only possible with Maintenance/Asset Management System. EAM is the most commonly used Maintenance/ Asset Management System primarily in the largest companies of Qatar for its functionality, reporting and chart variety, and ease of use.

  • Minimum 15% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Minimum 15% reduction in spare parts inventory costs
  • 40% to 80% reduction in number of failures
  • Reduction in time to respond to failure

Asset Management System offers a single point of control by managing all kinds of assets (machinery, equipment, plant, building, vehicle, etc.) on a common platform.

Business Management

Manage effectively the breakdown and preventive business activities from onset of a work requests to completion and recording of works.

Service Management

Create service contracts, track services received as part of the company and monitor the costs, implement high level notification procedures.

Contract Management

Track the contracts in detail in which purchasing, asset leasing, warranty, workforce, and travel expenses can be defined.

Inventory Management

Get up-to-date information about the spare parts utilization related to the assets with that solution for min. inventory oriented maintenance processes.

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