Contract Management

What is Contract Management?

We can define a contract as a written document, which determines the conditions to be followed by parties that will be involved in the performance of a project. Generally, a contract is a document ensuring a work to be started. On the other hand, contract management is mostly considered only as a legal process.

A successful Contract and Project Management ensures the works to be completed with minimum variation and as much in compliance with contract documentation as possible. Bimser’s Contract Management software solution offers various opportunities, such as cost-saving and effectiveness, competitiveness, high-quality service delivery, accountability, specialization, and flexibility, and assists to eliminate some risks arising out of profit orientation, such as loss of reputation, management difficulties, and lack of technical staff. Contract management has a process and lifecycle within project management. In this process, the contracts are

The parties involving in this process are:

Procurement (Purchasing) management
Legal and legislation
Financial (accounting and finance)
Other relevant units

Document, Workflow & Content




Asset & Inventory


Process & Performance


0+ Projects
1M+ User
0+ Projects
5000+ Module
3M+ Asset
0+ Projects
50K+ Process

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