Information Security Management System (ISMS)

We can describe Information Security Management System as an international system assisting companies to protect their financial data, intellectual properties and sensitive customer information. You can define your company’s risks and manage or mitigate the risks for your confidential data thanks to Information Security Policy, which forms the basis of Information Security Management System solution. You can also take necessary security measures accordingly. You can always review and make your information security methods, which you apply not only for today but also for the future, more sensitive with ISMS solution.

You can prevent unauthorized persons to view, change or delete any information with ISMS software solution.

Categorization of Master Data

We can categorize master data management in more than one main group:

Document, Workflow & Content




Asset & Inventory


Process & Performance


0+ Projects
1M+ User
0+ Projects
5000+ Module
3M+ Asset
0+ Projects
50K+ Process

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