What is Master Data Management?

We can describe master data management as the art of revealing and managing high quality data in the form of a singular, current and consistent information through a central data model, which are agreed by different units and are used at non-transactional and operational systems and processes. In other words, we define all processes that centrally control and provide critical master data, which are generated by different operational systems and available in different databases and applications, as master data management.

Systematic management of the most valuable information assets of an enterprise is very important. Today, the data of many enterprises are stored at different applications and systems and difficulties in merging such data and problems occur in managing the changes to be made on such data require master data management.

We eliminate your problems for data quality and ensure that your operational efficiency is increased thanks to eBA Master Data Management solution.

Customer, product, supplier, employee, agency, part, inventory, spare parts, service, contract, agreement and account information that form the foundation of a company or organization are used by various operational systems. However, you can ensure that such distributed data become singular, update and consistent, critical information can be distinguished, the data are high quality and have a relationship with each other and kept secure by using Master Data Management solution. You can manage your data in accordance with your corporate data model with our master data management solution.

Categorization of Master Data

We can categorize master data management in more than one main group:

  • Addressee Details (Customer, Agency, Employee, Supplier, etc.)

  • Material Details (Product, Part, Inventory, Spare Part, Service, etc.)

  • Current Account Details (Contract, Account, etc.)

  • Sales or Production Site Details (Region, Location, Address, etc.)

Benefits of Master Data Management

Basic features of master data include all details needed to operate the operational systems and use the processes. Since it is not operational, master data is composed of singular data and, at the same time, current and holistic data. Since they include the data of more than one unit, they compose shared data fields.

Therefore we can say that the benefit of master data management is to regularly provide access, sharing and security details of enterprises by processing their shared and singular data, which are used in different systems, through certain rules and workflows.

These data are stored as distributed in different systems in many companies and any change thereto cannot be tracked from a single point, which does also cause their integrity to be impaired. However you can ensure the management of master data from a single point, data singularization, data integrity, data security and data change history thanks to Master Data Management solution.

With Master Data Management, we provide

  • Central database;
  • Integrity of high quality data;
  • Singularized master data;
  • Data security;
  • Central master data management;
  • Change management and data versioning;
  • Integration with other systems of the enterprise by service architecture;
  • Supporting of risk and compliance processes; and
  • Facilitation of software processes.

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