Management of Inbound/Outbound Documents

Each organization needs to manage the information and documents that it generates or acquires from other organizations or systems, based on its way of business, to access previous information, to perform current works or to plan its future. eBA Inbound/Outbound Documents Management solution steps in at this point and creates solutions for your requirements.

We describe document management system as management of the entire lifecycle of a document, such as creating and versioning the document, transmitting it to right persons at the right time through appropriate solutions, archiving and destroying the document when it is needed. Inbound and outbound document management processes play an important role in managing this lifecycle.

We can divide inbound and outbound document management into internal and external operations. While documents that are transferred between internal units are considered as internal outbound document, it is considered as an internal inbound document for the units that receive it. Similar to internal organization, any document that is transferred between organizations is considered as external outbound document for the organization that has issued the document and as external inbound document for the organization that has received it. Documents are distributed internally or externally based on these processes and they continue on their lifecycles until they are archived and destroyed.

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