Purchasing and Supplier Chain Management

Purchasing Management (E-Purchasing)

What is purchasing management and how is it done?

The system to manage all processes from requesting to the receipt of a good or service is called purchasing management. Purchasing processes to be determined by each company based on their own rules are designed on the workflow application and then quickly made available for the company. On the other hand, it is also possible to record all communications between requester and purchasing department thanks to the messaging screen. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) data, which are very important to monitor the performance of purchasing process, are displayed on the dashboard, so that the performance can be monitored.

Procurement Management (E-Procurement)

What is procurement management and how is it done?

Companies need supplier management in order to ensure that all expenditures are managed from a single center, their suppliers and information provided by them are viewed at one point and maximum productivity is achieved with minimum cost.

You can make your requests quickly and monitor the performance of your suppliers real time with BEAM purchasing management system. So you can manage your entire procurement process from a single point and increase your productivity with your automated supply chain. You can compare bids received and submit them for approval and you can create workflows with approval processes thanks to the function that check eligibility with purchasing conditions.

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