The Advantages of Using Software for Workflow Management

A workflow management system is a system that defines, manages, and runs workflows through software. Medium and large businesses benefit from workflow management systems. Today, a workflow management system is expected to have the following characteristics: ● A graphical workflow process designer ● An easy-to-use form builder interface ● Integration channels to connect with other [...]

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Why Use Software for Document Management?

Document Management System is an application developed to ensure the documents in the computer environment are collected, accessible, and easily managed. In addition, scanning and indexing your documents in the frequently used physical environment provides fast access to these documents. Why is Document Management System Necessary? - Today, companies have identity copies, signature circulars, title [...]

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What is Records Management?

Records management (RM) is the process of records. Records management is a method for controlling the development, maintenance, reception, and disposal of information, regardless of its format. In other terms, it is related to the management of a company's important information from conception to disposal. A well-implemented records management system starts at the point of [...]

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Why Digital Transformation Is Important?

With the intensive use of information technologies, the transfer of business processes and information to the digital (electronic) environment by saving money and time is called digital transformation. While documenting and storing methods such as conventional filing and paperwork companies that choose cost advantage and time-saving digital transformation is one step ahead. What are the [...]

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